• All orders require a non-refundable 50% deposit and a signed rental agreement to secure a rental reservation.

• The remainder of the balance is due 7 days before delivery.

• Acceptable forms of payment include cash or credit. In some circumstances a check may be accepted.

We offer an optional Damage Waiver that covers certain breakage and damage to equipment while in your possession. You may opt out of the damage waiver by unchecking the Damage Waiver option when requesting a quote online or notifying us when requesting a quote by phone. If you decline the waiver, we will require that you sign the “Damage Waiver Opt Out” form acknowledge that you were informed of and offered the Damage Waiver. Any breakage or damages will be billed at current, retail, replacement cost.

If you accept the optional Damage Waiver, we will add a non-refundable charge of 10% to your reservation. The Damage Waiver does not cover missing, stolen, or lost items, or items damaged through improper use, vandalism, or neglect.

Please note: The Damage Waiver is NOT insurance. It is a waiver for potential damage charges and does not constitute insurance in any way.

The Damage Waiver covers:

  • Damage: Items that are damaged through normal use such as table or chair scratches, etc.
  • Breakage: Items broken through normal use such as broken handles, broken hinges, broken or ripped carrying cases, etc.
  • Soiling (food and drink stains): caused by normal use of linens.
  • Tenting Wear and Tear: Physical damage caused by acts of nature (hail, rain, wind: excluding snow) to the rented, installed tent.

The Damage Waiver does not cover:

  • Any missing items.
  • Theft, vandalism, conversion, or other dishonest acts towards rental items either by you, persons in your employ, or a third party.
  • Negligence such as items left out under sprinklers or in the rain, items improperly secured during transportation, items dragged across rough surfactant, etc.
  • Linens: Burn holes, wax, ink stains, tears, and excessive soiling of linens beyond normal use.
  • Tents: Any damage not caused by weather such as rips and tears from sharp implements, adhesives, paint, or any other human caused damages. Any damages caused by the tent to surrounding area, property, or other rental items. Does not cover damages to customer installed tents.

The full language of the damage waiver can be found here: Damage Waiver

• We setup tents, staging, lighting, and dance floors at the customer’s site. Pricing for these items include professional setup and installation.

• Tables, chairs, etc are setup at an additional cost. If you are interested in setup and take-down service, please notify us in advance so we can provide an estimate.

Certain items are available for will-call at our Cherry Hill NJ warehouse. You can see the list in our product catalog and choose the pickup option when requesting a quote.

Pickup & Return hours will be specified on your contract.

The warehouse will not be staffed for will-call outside of this time frame so please plan accordingly.

• All orders placed with Cooper Party Rentals are delivered to you. 

• Standard Anytime Delivery is curbside drop-off & pickup and is typically selected for delivery to most event venues. Curbside includes deliveries to commercial docks, immediate entrance of commercial first floor locations, outside areas that our trucks can easily access, and residential garages, or driveways. Standard Anytime Delivery is (Mon-Fri) between 8am and 5pm.

• If your event will require specific delivery/pickup timing or setup, we would be happy to accommodate you, just let us know when requesting a quote.

• To learn more about our delivery policies, please visit our detailed delivery policy page.

For these locations we only offer same day delivery/pickup. Please reach out with your event timing requirements and we’ll be happy to include this service in your quote.

• Reservations on most items can be cancelled at any time with a few exceptions.

• The 50% deposit is non-refundable. 

• Tent sidewalls and tent heaters cannot be cancelled within 14 days of the event.

• It’s going to be okay and your special event is going to be amazing. Everything is going to come together just as you planned and imagined it.

• You’re in luck, you’re working with professionals. We will absolutely show up at the location we agreed upon, on the date that we agreed upon, at the time we agreed upon, and with the equipment that we agreed upon.

• Yes, we carry insurance that protects us from certain types of liability. We recommend that our clients research and purchase event liability insurance to also protect them from liability.

6 adults can comfortably sit at a 6 ft. banquet table. 8 adults can sit at a 6 ft. banquet table if guests are sitting at both ends.

8 adults can comfortably sit a a 5 ft. round table. 10 adults can sit at a 5 ft. round table but it will be somewhat cramped.

• Pole Tents (or Stake and Pole tents) are anchored into the ground around the perimeter of the tent. Tension is created by tying the tents poles firmly to the stakes in the ground. The peaks of these tents are created with tall center poles inside the tent. This style is common in back yards, parks or anywhere with an areas of grass that stakes can be driven in at least 3 feet deep.

• Frame Tents are free-standing and are commonly used on asphalt, patios, decks and other areas where stakes cannot be driven into the ground. The tent top is strapped to the metal frame and the peak of the tent is created by the frame itself with no center poles.

• Minor changes to orders prior to the event are often expected, as the number of guests can frequently change.

• We recommend that you attempt to make any changes at least two weeks prior to delivery. We will make every effort possible to accommodate your needs.

• Remove all obstacles in the way of transporting and setting up the rented equipment from the area. This may include tree branches that could be a hazard to a tent. We’d love to help clear the area but our business liability insurance does not permit us to touch or move anything that could be in the way.

• The day before the tent or is scheduled to be delivered, ensure that the lawn is neatly trimmed.

Mark the tent corner locations before delivery using paint, stakes, sticks, lawn furniture, really anything to indicate where you want the tent.

We sponsor a select number of annual events. Please review this blog post to learn more about events that we sponsored in the past.