High Peak Pole Tent – 30ft x 30ft


Comfortably seat 72 guests with this commercial quality high peak tent.
Image for reference only. Actual item may look different.



The High Peak Pole Tent is designed to provide the tent with elegant curves and impressive peaks. The interior does have center poles which reach the ground. These tents can be installed on various level surfaces but stakes must be driven into the ground to hold it in position.

A 30ft x 30ft tent can support the following dining and seating options:

  • Twelve 6′ Rectangular Banquet Tables and 72 folding chairs
  • Eight 5′ Round Tables and 64 folding chairs
  • 150 Folding Chairs without tables


  • Canopy – 16 oz UV coated, fire resistant, high gloss vinyl
  • 19ft tall at the center and 7ft at the sides.
  • Commercial Quality Tent, weighing about 850lbs

Every Order Includes:

  • Professional Delivery and Installation





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