6 foot white banquet table

5ft round tables vs. 6ft rectangular banquet tables. What’s better?

So, what’s better, a 5ft round table or a 6ft rectangular table? Like everything else in life, it depends.
It depends on the amount of space you have to fill, the number of guests, the type of event, and the style that you’re going for.

5ft Round Table

Let’s start by looking at a 5ft round table. These are often also referred to as 60 Rounds because they have a 60-inch diameter. If you forget what diameter is, here’s a quick geometry reminder… It’s the distance from one point on a circle through the center to another point on the circle.

A 60″ round table takes up about 10′ x 10′ area, or 100sq feet. You can fit four 60″ round tables in a 20’x20′ tent.

One drawback of the 60″ round table is that it isn’t the most efficient use of space. There is a lot of dead space in the center of the table which is why you will almost always see a centerpiece on a 5ft round table.

Table Cloth Size – Half Drop90″
Table Cloth Size – Full Drop120″

6ft Rectangular Banquet Table

A 6ft rectangular banquet table is one of our most popular items. We carry 6ft tables that fold down the center as well as 6ft tables with one solid surface. The centerfold tables are more frequently used for in-home parties because they are easy to handle while the single solid top tables are used for outdoor events, weddings, and other events at venues.

6ft tables can be used to create long rows of tables. This is recently a popular look at weddings where the florist runs greenery down the rows.

Table Cloth Size – Half Drop60″ x 102″
Table Cloth Size – Full Drop90″ x 132″
Dimensions72″ x 30″